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Latest High End Smartphone Htc Smart

HTC is the well recognized brand for revealing the Windows mobile phone with super cool features. And, HTC Smart Phone is one of the smart windows mobile phone that comes with stylish look and many tremendous features. You can find HTC mobile phone easily on websites and one can go for HTC smart Pay As… Read More »

New And Trendy Samsung Smartphone

Samsung has always surprised the mobile users with its innovative handsets. After establishing its worth in the field of electronic devices, the company has established itself with its latest innovations in the communication field. This mobile giant has produced numerous high tech devices and Galaxy S is a fine example of it. It is one… Read More »

Acer Brings Android Smartphone

Acer, the synonym of technology and excellence is on with its all new Android supported smartphone. Acer announces tablet format smartphone, flaunting its smooth and tempting 4.8 inch display. The metal body is something you will go crazy for. The hand set is carved out in a perfectionist way and the elegance is evident from… Read More »

Extending Your Smartphone Battery

Your smartphone’s stock battery sucks. I’m sorry, that’s just the truth- no matter what phone you buy. The Evo can barely survive a workday of moderate use. The iPhone 4 is much better, but every person I know who owns one brings their charger to work or keeps one in the car at all times.… Read More »

Smartphone Applications for Foodies

Cool apps that you can play with on your smartphone, iPod Touch or iPad is not just for teenagers. Adults, especially those who are foodies, love apps as they can use them to find newer and cooler restaurants, or research restaurant ratings. But beyond all of this, what about the other applications foodies love such… Read More »