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Tennis Fashions For Ladies

Since women first started to play tennis, its fashions have changed a lot. In the begining, women wore long, cumbersome outfits, which slowed down the freedom of movement and restricted the ability to play the game in accordance to its intention. Then. Suzanne Lenglen – the incomparable French champion, who ranked number in the world… Read More »

Top Tennis Tips

If you want to get better at tennis, you need to focus on a combination of hard work and skill improvement. It’s impossible to get better without working hard and you won’t make much progress until you refine your skills. With that in mind, what should players do to get better at the game? Here… Read More »

Play or Learn Tennis

Playing tennis is great exercise and also lots of fun. People who are going on a trip may want to play some tennis with friends and other people for a couple of hours of sure joy.  . You might be an actual natural at playing tennis but you would still use some practice for sure.… Read More »

Improve Your Tennis Stamina

The best way to train for anything that involves movement is to practice executing the same movements involved over and over until the body becomes accustomed to the movement and is able to do the movements instinctively. Such is the benefit of doing kettlebell cross training exercises. These exercises are effective in developing strength, agility,… Read More »

Prince Tennis Racket

Tennis rackets are very popular in field of tennis. Basically, people use rackets to play tennis. You may have been exposed in the tennis court for quite some time now but you will surely be enchanted that nothing has really changed with it.   As a matter of fact, the only thing that has changed… Read More »