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Home Theater Speaker System

With so many brands and models of home theater speaker system out in the market nowadays getting one that will best go well with your requirements can be also a difficult task. However, there’s an easy means to obtain the system that you badly want at the best achievable price. Firstly, let us skim through… Read More »

The Theater of Epidaurus

If you are in love with the theater, then you might want to visit the ancient Epidaurus Theater. It is the best preserved Greek theater. It is located around 60km south of the Greek city of Corinth in the small village of Epidaurus. This village was an important commercial and religious centre about 25 centuries… Read More »

Home Theater Design

A lot of planning goes into designing a home theater, not only placement of hardware but aesthetics and functionality. Certain questions arise when approaching these possibilities. A. Is my system strong enough to support my theater? B. What is the viewing size of my screen? C. What is my viewing area? D. How am I… Read More »

Home Theater Curtains

If you are left with no choice but to build a home theater in a room where there are windows, you need to consider putting curtains over the windows. Home theater curtains can really help in preserving the atmosphere in the home theater. Movie theaters are known to be dark rooms where only the light… Read More »

The Old Huancayo Theater

The old Huancayo theater house, where the dance (Marinera) was to be held was, in Ximena H’s day, and surely is now, a dreary enough place. Perhaps the most unsightly building on that long narrow stretch of road between the Plaza de Arms in downtown Huancayo, and all the way to the old theater house… Read More »