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Domain Name – Identity of a Company

A domain name is the central feature of your company website. It is the address on the internet where your business can be established, so it is essential to make your domain name apt for your business. In Internet phraseology, a domain name is also identified as a URL or Uniform Resource Locator. Getting a… Read More »

The Benefits Of Using Name Tag Ribbons

When you have a trade show, conference or other event looming, you will want to be able to identify yourself, have an easy, quick and convenient way of recognizing others and just add a touch of fun to proceedings for your attendees or guests. Name tag ribbons are also a great way to give some… Read More »

Domain Name For Forex Sites

If you are going to become an affiliate in the Forex world, you will have to pick a domain name. As a beginner, you might want to start with just one domain. Later on, as your experience grows, you can expand and manage couple of domains at the same time. How to pick up the… Read More »

Trade Name Registration Requirements

Trade names refer to business entities such as the names of nonprofit, charitable, religious, and educational institutions; the names of sole proprietorships; assumed names; corporate names; fictitious names; and partnership names. Businesses must legally list their trade name with the state depending on the structure of the entity. Generally, corporations must register their businesses with… Read More »